The PPS  Family

We are a tight-knit team dedicated to the job.

Our Mission is to provide personalised engineering solutions for customers who might not have the required resources or expertise themselves. We are trained and experienced in a broad range of engineering fields and always work with integrity.

Mechanical Engineer-min

Qualified and Experienced Engineers

We all have NZQA Qualified Engineering Certificates. Except for our apprentice (who's working on it!)


Safety Certifications

Our team has the safety training and know-how to correctly approach the job so that everyone goes home safe and healthy.


Forklift Licences

Our fleet includes 3 tonne to 10 tonne capabilty

Mechanical Engineer-min
Transporter Truck-min
Mechanical Engineer-min

Heavy Transport Licences

We have heavy transport licences and the trucks to match.


Test and Tag Certified

Our boys have AVO NZ certifications for Portable Appliance Testers which allow us to test & Tag your machinery and equipment when we look at it.

First Aid-min

First Aid Certificates

Our team is up to date with the Red Cross course in case the situation ever arises.

EWP PPS - Copy-min

EWP Training

Those dangerous-to-reach spots aren't so hazardous anymore now that we have a scissor lift (and training).

Print NZ Member-min

We're in touch with our roots

PPS (Print and Packaging Services) has expanded across many other industries since we first started. However, we still love and are heavily involved in the print industry, which is why we are proud members of PrintNZ.